Women in the UFC? White: “My opinion hasn’t changed on that.”

Posted: August 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

After the press conference held today in Philadelphia to promote Saturday’s UFC 133 show, Dana White took time to speak to the media on a variety of topics. Below are the out takes that effect Strikeforce and particularly the female fighters.

Sergio Non, USA TODAY: How come you let all the Golden Glory guys go?

Dana White: This is actually a pretty simple explanation. If you look back throughout history, we haven’t had any Golden Glory guys fight with us since Semmy Schilt, right? And the reason is, we have very different business practices. It’s tough to do business with them.

The bottom line is, the way that they do business is, you have to pay them, not the fighters. We don’t work that way. It’s not the way we do business.

It’s not how it works here in the United States with the athletic commissions. You don’t pay the managers and the managers pay the fighters. You pay the fighters and the fighters pay the managers.

Kevin Iole, Yahoo Sports: What was your take on the main event (between Dan Henderson and Fedor Emelianenko) on Saturday night?

White: I thought it was an interesting match-up. Hendo is tough. He’s got power in both hands. He’s got great wrestling. It kind of went the way I figured it would go.

Iole: So will you bring him into the UFC now?

White: We’ll see what happens. Hendo and I have had some history in dealing. We’ll see if we can figure something out and get him back in the UFC.

Mike Chiappetta, AOL Sports: Wouldn’t it be bad for Strikeforce if Henderson left? He’s the champion.

White: What we’ve said about Strikeforce, this thing’s got to run like a business. If we can run this thing and this thing isn’t losing a ton of money, then Strikeforce will stay alive and be rebuilt. We’ll see what happens. Lorenzo (Fertitta) is flying to New York next week to meet with them.

Iole: What about women and Strikeforce? Have you changed your mind on it? Are you going to continue to pursue a women’s division?

White: You guys how I feel about that. My opinion hasn’t changed on that.

Again, there are some one-off fights that you can do, but to build an entire division? Hasn’t happened.

Non: What would it take to change your mind?

White: The ability to build an entire division, maybe? Even if you could do one where they’re competitively matched up, and you have enough good women to compete. Then that would change my mind.

Chiappetta: Were you (impressed) by the Tate and Conen fight?

White: Yeah. Good for her (Tate). She called me out and talked some (crap) before the fight, and then went out and pulled off the win. I like it. I like her style. She’s talented. I like the fact that she won.

But it doesn’t change the fact that it is what it is.

**Read the full article at the USA TODAY.


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