ADCC 2011 – Women’s First Round Results

Posted: September 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

First round results from the ADCC World Championships in Nottingham, England.

Under 60kg

Luanna Alzuguir (Brazil) defeats Vanessa English (UK) via Kneebar
Michelle Nicolini (Brazil) defeats Yasmin Wilson (UK) via Ankle Lock
Luanna Alzuguir (Brazil) meets Michelle Nicolini (Brazil) in the Semi-Finals

Takayo Hashi (Japan) defeats Rosi Sexton (UK) via Points
Krya Gracie (Brazil) defeats Sara Svensson (Sweden) via Armbar
Takayo Hashi (Japan) meets Krya Gracie (Brazil) in the Semi-Finals

Over 60kg

Gabi Garcia (Brazil) defeats Devi Ahuja (Norway) via Americana
Penny Thomas (South Africa) defeats Talita Nogueira (Brazil) via Rear-Naked Choke
Gabi Garcia (Brazil) meets Penny Thomas (South Africa) in the Semi-Finals

Ida Hansson (Denmark) defeats Katrina Weilbacher (USA) via Points
Hannette Staack (Brazil) defeats Fiona Muxlow (Australia) via Rear-Naked Choke
Ida Hansson (Denmark) meets Hannette Staack (Brazil) in the Semi-Finals

  1. Gail Moss says:

    Just the beginning for Hannette. Way to go.

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