Invicta Fighting Championships 1 Live Weigh-In Results

Posted: April 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Marloes Coenen and Romy Ruyssen Face-off at Weigh-ins

Weigh-ins for the inaugural Invicta Fighting Championships event took place today at Hotel Phillips in Kansas City, Missouri. All 22 fighters took to the scales with four missing weight, including main eventer Romy Ruyssen. Those four fighters(*) were penalized 10% of their purse and they have 2 hours to make weight or the penalty goes up to 25%.

(145 Pound Bout): Marloes Coenen (146.0) vs Romy Ruyssen (150.4)*

(105 Pound Bout): Jessica Penne (105.6) vs Lisa Ellis (106.0)

(135 Pound Bout): Liz Carmouche (134.2) vs Ashleigh Curry (137.2)*

(135 Pound Bout): Kaitlin Young (135.4) vs Leslie Smith (135.0)

(135 Pound Bout): Sarah D’Alelio (135.2) vs Vanessa Mariscal (136.0)

(115 Pound Bout): Sally Krumdiack (113.6) vs Sarah Schneider (115.6)

(105 Pound Bout): Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc (105.4) vs Amy Davis (105.6)

(125 Pound Bout): Sarah Maloy (125.4) vs Michele Gutierrez (125.0)

(145 Pound Bout): Randi Miller (149.8)* vs Mollie Estes (145.0)

(115 Pound Bout): Ashley Cummins (115.0) vs Sofia Bagherdai (120.6)*

(105 Pound Bout): Cassie Rodish (105.2) vs Meghan Wright (103.6)

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