Barb Honchak’s Invicta FC 2 Blog

Posted: July 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

There are so many new pieces of my life as an MMA fighter; I am not really sure where to begin this blog. I recently moved from St. Louis to the Quad Cities and, with that, changed my camps and management. In addition, this year, women finally have a legitimate home with the launch of Invicta FC.

I have been with Steve Berger from the beginning of my fight career and his gym will always feel like home. It is my strong held belief that Steve’s faith in me pushed me to succeed to my current status. Steve remains a very close friend and is still involved in my training as a coach and an advisor.

My new team, Miletich Fighting Systems at Core Fitness Bettendorf, has welcomed me from the start. I took a few months here to settle in and see how all these epic fighters would handle a woman crashing their gym. They welcomed me with open arms and so many people have worked with me since I started here. All of the coaches have been amazing. There is such a huge knowledge base at MFS and I feel like my learning curve is as steep as it was when I was nascent fighter.

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