BFW 17: Brace Girls Quick Results

Posted: October 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Rina Tomita and Claire Fryer Face-off in Co-main Event

The Brace girls went to war Saturday night as “Brace For War 17: Brace Girls” showcased the first ever all female fight card in Australia’s history. All fights were contested in three 3-minute rounds. The results were as follows:

Alex Chambers defeats Mika Nagano via TKO at :42 of round 1
Claire Fryer defeats Rina Tomita via TKO at 2:37 of round 1
Fiona Muxlow defeats Leanne Reid via Unanimous Decision
Rhiannon Thompson defeats Linda Nikeller via RNC at 2:27 of round 2
Tanya Stevens defeats Mae-Lin Leow via Majority Decision
Shauna Carew defeats Gina Cardillo via Unanimous Decision
Natalie Gonzales Hills defeats Samantha Manderson via RNC at 1:34 of round 3
Helen Malone defeats Lana Kate via RNC at 2:07 of round 1
Kerry Barrett defeats Brettlyn Neal via Unanimous Decision
Maryanne Mullahy defeats Rebecca Steward via Armbar at :49 of round 2
Lisa Sutton defeats Belinda Sedgwick via RNC at 1:32 of round 1

MMARising contributed to this report.

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