Women’s Pro MMA Results for October

Posted: October 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

Jessica Penne Strikes Gold at Invicta FC 3

10-6 Invicta FC 3
(Atom-2)Jessica Penne defeats (Atom-1)Naho Sugiyama via Triangle Choke at 2:20 of round 2
(Ban-7)Shayna Baszler defeats (Ban-8)Sarah D’Alelio via RNC at :37 of round 2
Leslie Smith defeats Kaitlin Young via TKO at 2:19 of round 2
(Fly-3)Barb Honchak defeats (Fly-4)Aisling Daly via Unanimous Decision
Vanessa Porto defeats Tara LaRosa via Unanimous Decision
Cat Zingano defeats Raquel Pennington via RNC at 3:32 of round 2
(Atom-5)Michelle Waterson defeats Lacey Schuckman via Split Decision
(Fea-5)Julia Budd defeats Danielle West via TKO at 2:32 of round 1
(Stw-4)Carla Esparza defeats Lynn Alarez via TKO at 2:53 of round 1
Joanne Calderwood defeats (Stw-9)Ashley Cummins via KO at 3:13 of round 1
Stephanie Frausto defeats (Atom-7)Amy Davis via Guillotine Choke at :48 of round 1
Jessamyn Duke defeats Marciea Allen via Armbar at 4:42 of round 1
Tecia Torres defeats Kaiyana Rain via Unanimous Decision
(Fea-8)Ediane Gomes defeats Katalina Malungahu via RNC at 4:19 of round 1

10-6 Brenda Gonzales defeats Sarah Alpar via Unanimous Decision at KOTC: Stranglehold

10-12 Sanja Sucevic defeats Irene Cabello via TKO at 1:24 of round 2 at SFL 4

10-12 Karla Benitez defeats Emma Watson‏ via TKO at 5:00 of round 1 at Hombres de Honor 46

10-12 Cassie Rodish defeats Summer Artherton via RNC at 4:40 of round 1 at on MCC 43: High Octane

10-13 Diana Rael defeats Darla Harris via RNC at 1:41 of round 1 at MFW 1

10-13 Emily Kagan defeats Glena Avila via Split Decision at DFC 13: Coming Home

10-19 Manjit Kolekar defeats Ritika Singh via TKO at 3:45 of round 2 at SFL 5

10-20 Brianna Van Buren defeats Charlene Gellner via TKO in round 1 at Rogue Fights 20: Fists of Fire

10-20 Bec Hyatt defeats Christina Tatnell via TKO at :37 of round 1 at Nitro 7

10-20 Tyra Parker defeats Trisha Clark via Armbar at :58 of round 1 at Wild Bill’s Fight Night 50

10-20 Julia Avila defeats Shannon Reid via TKO at 2:13 of round 1 at KOTC: Future Legends 10

10-26 Zoila Gurgel defeats Casey Noland via Unanimous Decision at Bellator 78

10-26 Colleen Schneider defeats Aya Saeid Saber via TKO at 3:55 of round 1 at SFL 6

10-27 Brace 17: Brace Girls 1
Alex Chambers defeats Mika Nagano via TKO at :42 of round 1
Claire Fryer defeats Rina Tomita via TKO at 2:37 of round 1
Fiona Muxlow defeats Leanne Reid via Unanimous Decision
Rhiannon Thompson defeats Linda Nikeller via RNC at 2:27 of round 2
Tanya Stevens defeats Mae-Lin Leow via Majority Decision
Shauna Carew defeats Gina Cardillo via Unanimous Decision
Natalie Gonzales Hills defeats Samantha Manderson via RNC at 1:34 of round 3
Helen Malone defeats Lana Kate via RNC at 2:07 of round 1
Kerry Barrett defeats Brettlyn Neal via Unanimous Decision
Maryanne Mullahy defeats Rebecca Steward via Armbar at :49 of round 2
Lisa Sutton defeats Belinda Sedgwick via RNC at 1:32 of round 1

10-28 Megan van Houtum defeats Hatice Ozyurt via Armbar at :34 of round 1 at Battle of the Kempen 2

(Atom)Atomweight, (Stw)Strawweight, (Fly)Flyweight, (Ban)Bantamweight, (Fea)Featherweight

*Rankings info supplied by the Unified Women’s MMA Rankings.

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