India’s Female Featherweight Sensation – Puja Kadian

Posted: November 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

Written by Jazz Gill – The steady stream of female fighters from India coming off the SFL production line contains a wide range of characters, from all backgrounds and ideals.

One of the standouts of the bunch is Puja Kadian, the hungry young featherweight that jumped at the chance to fight SFL’s number one ranked female featherweight, Canadian Charmaine Tweet, even though she fought just three weeks ago on SFL 7.

The fiery 21 year old from Northern India, is in many ways typical of girls her age from that part of the world. Yet deep within her burns the desire to compete and the belief that she is a natural born fighter, able to take on the best. We caught up with Puja to discuss her preparation for her big fight against Tweet this Friday.

Hi Puja, great to speak with you. You fought just three weeks ago on your debut fight and now you are already stepping up to take on the best in your division. How do you feel the bout went?

Puja:  The fight on SFL 7 has just given me more confidence and hunger to try to become one of SFL’s most recognised fighters.

Have you been working on anything specific for this fight?

Puja:  I work on my weaknesses always. I am trying to improve my stand up, specifically my punching and kicking ability. Although I feel confident on the ground I want to improve my ability to finish fights so I have been working on getting in the choke. In my last fight I had chances to do this (against Walaa Abas on SFL 7 where she won via second round TKO) but I didn’t, so this time I hope to do so.

Charmaine Tweet is a lot more experienced than yourself and considered a quality female fighter. How do you expect the fight to go?

Puja:  I hope to land perfect punches to finish the bout but I know it will be very tough. I respect my opponent a lot. I know I will need to do it all to win this fight; fight on the ground and land punches and kicks in a stand up battle.

What does your training consist of?

Puja:  I have been practicing wushu and taekwondo for a long time, so I have already some aspects of MMA honed into my game. I run at least 30 minutes a day and I do striking practice, as well as practicing throws and grappling techniques. Of course we have to work hard to meet the weight requirement, and it is the dieting part I struggle with most.

Which fighters inspire you?

Puja:  SFL star bantamweight, Manoj Chuhan. Other than fighters, I would have to say I am a big, big fan of Bollywood star Akshay Kumar. I hope one day he will come to watch me fight.

How do you feel about being part of the SFL revolution in India?

Puja:  They have done so much to give all fighters from India a chance – men and women – to showcase their skills to the world. SFL will help MMA become one of the most popular sports across Asia. I am just happy to be part of it, along with my trainers and fellow fighters.

Do you have any pre-fight music you like to listen to?

Puja:  Yes, I love Waka-Waka by Shakira.

Hardly the most aggressive song, but we respect your honesty! Outside of MMA, tell us about yourself and how you like to relax in your spare time.

Puja:  I am a naturally positive person, a bit of an extrovert. I love travelling also. For fun I like to just have jokes and tease my friends. Sometimes I like to climb trees too!

If you were not a fighter, what would you be doing with your life?

Puja:  I would join the police force, and I still may do!

Do you have a message for the MMA community and people of India before this fight?

Puja:  Pray for me to win and I hope they enjoy the fight!

***SFL 10 streams LIVE on Friday 23rd starting at 10:30am ET on SFL’s Youtube channel.


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