Ukraine’s Toughest Lady – Julia Berezikova

Posted: December 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

Written by Jazz Gill  –  MMA fans that have been following the women’s game over the last year will be delighted to know that Julia Berezikova and Karla Benitez are fighting again.

And if you are unaware why, treat yourself and YouTube the first Berezikova vs Benitez fight.

Ukrainian Berezikova won a very tight split decision victory against Spain’s Benitez in a fight that is a contender for the best female MMA fight of all time. The two engaged in both a savage stand up battle as well as an aggressive and tactical grappling match over two rounds on an MMA event in Russia that could have gone either way.

Now the two get to set the record straight with a chance to win more decisively in a three round contest that is the co-main event of SFL 12 Friday Fight Night, the Super Fight League’s weekly MMA event.

India’s only MMA organisation and the only one in the world that puts on weekly international fights has pulled of a real coup by getting the rematch of Berezikova and Benitez on their show. Both highly respected and among Europe’s best female MMA fighters, the two are set to put on another thrilling fight this Friday on SFL 12.

Before the two clash again we caught up with Berezikova to discuss her up-coming bout and her how she sees her career with Super Fight League going.

Hi Julia. You are making your SFL debut this Friday in a rematch against Karla Benitez. How do you feel about fighting in India for SFL?

It is a great honour and opportunity for me. I really look forward to this fight so I can show Indian fans a very exciting bout, just like our first one.

What do you think about what SFL is doing for MMA in India and Asia?

Even though it would be my first time on an SFL card I know that it is one of the premiere organisations in Asia. It is great that SFL is promoting our sport in such a huge and great country like India.

Your first fight against Benitez was a classic. How do you think this one will go?

Benitez is a very good fighter but I am prepared for what she will bring. I am a champion in Russia of grappling and in Muay-Thai, I have multiple titles in different disciplines, so I feel comfortable everywhere. I trained for a long time because I didn’t know when my next fight would be, so I’m very excited about that it is with such a huge organisation and against Benitez.

Do you think you can get a more decisive outcome in this fight against Benitez?

Yes, by stoppage. It doesn’t matter if it would be by submission or KO, I just don’t want another decision, I don’t like my fights going to decision.

Where would you like your career with SFL to go in a perfect world?

I want to become a champion ASAP! I know that Sanja Sucevic and Colleen Schneider compete for the flyweight title next week with SFL, so after they fight if everything goes well in my fight I want to fight the winner.

Do you have a message for the people of India and MMA fans across the world before you fight?

Watch my fight and you’ll see a very exciting fight! Root for me, support me, support our sport. Thank you for the opportunity SFL!

***SFL 12 streams LIVE on Friday 7th starting at 10:30am ET on SFL’s Youtube channel.


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