Women’s Pro MMA Results for March

Posted: March 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

733897_607448162617376_1637959522_nMARCH RESULTS

3-1 Lauren Taylor defeats Jennifer Scott via TKO at 4:10 of round 1 at Legacy FC 18

3-1 Centurion Fights
Marciea Allen defeats Ashleigh Curry via TKO in round 1
Nina Ansaroff defeats Trisha Clark via TKO in round 2

3-2 CFA Featherweight Tournament
Allanna Jones defeats Kelsey De Santis via Split Decision
Peggy Morgan defeats Revelina Berto via Unanimous Decision
Ashlee Evans-Smith defeats Tori Adams via Unanimous Decision
Fallon Fox defeats Ericka Newsome via KO at :39 of round 1

3-8 Kailin Curran defeats Kaiyana Rain via Unanimous Decision at PXC 36

3-9 Lina Eklund defeats Sylwia Juskiewicz via Unanimous Decision at IRFA 4

3-9 Duda Yankovich defeats Daniela Cristina via Keylock at 3:59 of round 2 at Bitetti Combat 14

3-9 Jozette Cotton defeats Nikita Netjes via TKO in round 1 at DCMMA 17: St Patty’s Showdown 3

3-15 Charmaine Tweet defeats Sy Jewett via RNC at 2:25 of round 1 at AFC 15: The Ides

3-16 Gina Mazany defeats Priscilla White via Unanimous Decision at Rumble on the Ridge 27

3-16 Andria Caplan defeats Cassie Crisano via Unanimous Decision at CFFC 22

3-16 Christina Marks defeats Rebecca Jones via TKo at :15 of round 1 at XFS

3-16 Mae-Lin Leow defeats Anna Hyvarinen via Verbal Submission in round 1 at MMA DownUnder 3

3-23 XPC/AGB: Rocks Extreme MMA 2
Paulina Granados defeats Sarah Lagerstrom via Unanimous Decision
Audrey Alvarez defeats Anita Rodriguez via Unanimous Decision

3-23 Amber Stautzenberger‏ defeats Ashley Allen via Unanimous Decision at XKO 18

3-23 Norma Center defeats Rachael Cummins via Unanimous Decision at Pandemonium 8

3-23 Lina Länsberg defeats LJ Adams via Unanimous Decision at Heroes Fighting Championship

3-23 Kinberly Novaes defeats Larissa Ribeiro via TKO at 1:36 of round 2 at Iron Fight Combat

3-28 Bellator 94
(Stw-1)Jessica Aguilar defeats Patricia Vidonic via Split Decision
(Stw-5)Felice Herrig defeats Heather Clark via Split Decision

3-28 Randa Markos-Thomas defeats Ashley Nichols via Armbar at 3:06 of round 1 at Wreck MMA 2.0

3-29 Colleen Schneider defeats Sanja Sucevic via Keylock at 2:55 of round 3 at SFL 14

3-30 Jewels: 23rd Ring
Mika Nagano defeats Emi Tomimatsu via Unanimous Decision
Celine Haga defeats Naho Sugiyama via Unanimous Decision
(Stw-10)Mizuki Inoue defeats Seo Ye Jung via RNC at 1:43 of round 1
Shizuka Sugiyama defeats Sung Eun Kim via TKO at 1:01 of round 1
Mina Kurobe defeats Tomo Maesawa via RNC at 1:49 of round 1
Takumi Umehara defeats Yasuko Mogi via Unanimous Decision

(Atom)Atomweight, (Stw)Strawweight, (Fly)Flyweight, (Ban)Bantamweight, (Fea)Featherweight

*Rankings info supplied by the Unified Women’s MMA Rankings.

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