Amanda Bell, Jemyma Betrian Earn Knockout Wins At CATC 5

Posted: August 11, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Former amateur champ Amanda “The Lady Killer” Bell earned the biggest win of her young pro career tonight at Lights Out Promotions: “Chaos at the Casino 5” in Inglewood, California. Bell brutally knocked out highly-touted judoka Marina “The Supernova From Moldova” Shafir in just 37 seconds.

Also on the card tonight, multi-time kickboxing world champion Jemyma “The Golden Girl” Betrian made a successful pro MMA debut with a quick knockout victory of her own. The Dutch strawweight sensation dispatched of “Relentless” Hadley Griffith a mere 47 seconds into the opening round.

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  1. mike says:

    FYI…Jemyma Betrian has only been at GFC for 2 months. She moved from Holland to train with RR. Ronda did not learn her skills from Betrian…she learned them from Edmund. She will steamroll the straweight division and have the belt by this time in 2015. (Or the chick from Poland…one of the two)
    As far as Marina goes…everybody needs to chill…she is not her BFF…no one is and quite probably there will never be another like Ronda.
    Fighters need confidence to compete. Self assurance on a daily basis is a way to bridge the gap between raw talent and real talent. To convince oneself that you are better than you really are can sometimes be the difference between winning and losing. I believe that Marina realizes her limitations at this point. She is however reluctant to remind herself of these limitations and chooses to ‘talk herself up’. All fighters do it. It is necessary to climb the ladder.
    She will come back as long as she keeps on working hard and puts this loss behind her. She might have gotten a little carried away with the ‘my division’ stuff. She is still young. As far as Amanda Bell is concerned…I think she looked great.
    But people need to lay off Ronda and her stable of young fighters. They are friends that share the rent and train together

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