Women’s Pro MMA Results for June

Posted: June 28, 2015 in Uncategorized

29D1D54E00000578-3132984-image-a-18_1434841723411JUNE RESULTS

Monday – 1st
MIMMA: A’rrr
– May Ooi defeats Zhen Wei Foo via TKO at 3:48 of round 3
– Rachel Short defeats ‘Adek Omar’ via Standing Guillotine at 4:50 of round 2

Thursday – 4th
– Susy Watson defeats Jenny Liou via TKO at 1:17 of round 3 at KOTC: Awakening

Friday – 5th
– Jaymee Jones defeats Katy Collins via RNC at 2:22 of round 1 at Xtreme Fight Night 23

Saturday – 6th
– Rebecca Ruth defeats Krystal Manues via TKO in round 1 at Shamrock FC: Opposition

– Fabrina ‘Gladiadora’ defeats Luana Zuquini via Unanimous Decision at Fight Team Junior Oliveira 9

– Giselle Campos defeats Sirléia via Armbar at 2:41 of round 1 at Personal Open Fight 7

– Jeanne Ruas defeats Geisa Fagundes via TKO at 4:56 of round 2 at Iron Fight Combat 8

Kunlun Fight 26: Cage Fight Series 3
– Colleen Schneider defeats Jingnan Xiong via Unanimous Decision
– Jin Tang defeats Malihe Younes via TKO(retirement) at 5:00 of round 1

Gladiator Combat Fight 13
– Bianca Reis defeats ‘Karol Mutante’ via Armbar in round 3
– Jady Menezes defeats Marta Souza via Split Decision

Aspera FC 20
– Karine Silva defeats Leticia Oliveira via Armbar at 4:24 of round 1
– Taila Santos defeats Gisele Pereira via KO(Head Kick) at 1:06 of round 1

Sunday – 7th
– Talita de Oliveira defeats Lohanna Correia via Armbar at :40 of round 1 at Maximus Fight 2

Friday – 12th
– Brittney Elkin defeats Gabby Holloway via Unanimous Decision at Pride & Pain MMA

– Katie Halley defeats Megan Daniel via TKO in round 1 at AFC: Land of the Midnight Sun 2

Saturday – 13th
– Tecia Torres defeats Angela Hill via Unanimous Decision at UFC 188

– Montana Stewart defeats Roxy Ceasear via Armbar in round 2 at Premier Fight Series 4

– Donatella Panu defeats Patrizia Gibelli via TKO at 1:05 of round 2 at Milano in the Cage 5

Immortal FC 1
– Jennifer Maia defeats Stephanie Bragayrac via KO at 2:07 of round 2
– Isabelly Varela defeats Priscila Ferreira via Armbar at 3:41 of round 1

Sunday – 14th
– Zaira Dyshekova defeats Maryam Khalilova via TKO at 4:55 of round 1 at Absolute Championship Berkut 20

Monday – 15th
– Cristina Stanciu defeats Diana Belbita via Armbar at 2:39 of round 1 at RXF 18

Friday – 19th
– Jessy Miele defeats Janice Meyer via TKO at 1:51 of round 1 at Reality Fighting 54

– Coralie Dixon defeats Chalour Jones via Unanimous Decision at Havoc FC 9

Saturday – 20th
– Joanna Jędrzejczyk defeats Jessica Penne via TKO at 4:22 of round 3 at UFC Fight Night 69

– Aline Sattelmayer defeats Arielle Souza via Split Decision at Thunder Fight 4

– Mandy Polk defeats Briannah Conatser via RNC at 1:15 of round 1 at V3 Fights

– Alice Yauger defeats Colby Fletcher via TKO at 1:57 of round 1 at Xtreme Fight Night 24

– Tanja Hoffmann defeats Cinja Kiefer via Armbar in round 1 at Mirko´s Fight Night

– Josy ‘Pitbull’ Silva defeats Erica Alcantara via Unanimous Decision at Pedreiras Fight 4

– Mayana Kellen defeats Juh Moura via Split Decision at Rei da Selva Combat 5

Copa Strikers House 50
– Carolina Karasek defeats ‘Karol Mutante’ via Armbar in round 3
– Ariane Lipski defeats Geisiele Nascimento via KO at :35 of round 1

TWC Pro Series
– Carolyn Biskup defeats Nikki Duncan via Triangle Choke in round 2
– Kyna Sisson defeats Rachael Smith via TKO in round 2

Sunday – 21st
VTJ: Next
– Yukari Yamaguchi defeats Mikiko Hiyama via RNC at 1:22 of round 1
– Kanna Asakura defeats Miyuki Furusawa via RNC at 2:17 of round 1

Friday – 26th
– Bryanna Fissori defeats Iony Razafiarison via Unanimous Decision at Bellator MMA 139

BAMMA: Badbeat 16
– Christina Marks defeats Jessica Pryor via Split Decision
– Celine Haga defeats Alyssa Garcia via Arm-Triangle Choke at 4:49 of round 1
– Ashley Yoda defeats Liz Tracy via Split Decision
– Kaiyana Rain defeats Kyra Batara via Majority Decision

Saturday – 27th
– Glena Avila defeats Cheryl Chan via Unanimous Decision at KOTC: Undeniable

– Ffion Davies defeats Fruzsina Nagy via TKO at 1:14 of round 1 at Macto Championships 1

– Katy Collins defeats Katherine Farrow via TKO in round 1 at Capital City Punishment

– Lisa Jeanson defeats September Thornton via KO(spinning back fist) at :18 of round 1 at Gladiator Challenge: Kaboom

*Rankings info supplied by the Unified Women’s MMA Rankings


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